Frightening IoT hacks in 2019

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IoT Security Hacks

Embedded AMS believes in sharing trends and security updates with the embedded software community to expedite the development and security of IoT and smart devices amidst an evolving technology landscape.  In a recently published article by ZDNet – “The scariest hacks of 2019” several Internet-of-things (IoT) hacks were listed, we’ve extracted a few as summarised below: Two sets of new LTE … Read More

Method 2: Cellular IoT Connectivity

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Cellular Tower IoT

In our first article in a series discussing data connection methods, we looked at Wi-Fi as a wireless means of IoT connectivity. This article will focus on another such method, focussing on cellular connectivity Introduction Connecting IoT devices via cellular communication and data transfer has been widely adopted across the globe. Initially, cellular IoT device connectivity was enabled by the … Read More

Different Ways to Connect IoT Devices to Transmit and Receive Data

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Smart Home IoT devices connected with Wi-Fi

Part 1 Brought to you Bart Hertog, Embedded AMS Introduction The fourth industrial revolution is here, and an entirely new-generation of wireless communication technology has made interaction with the internet-of-things (IoT) more prevalent than ever before.  IoT interconnects a series of devices to a network that readily shares information, transmitting data that allows humans and machines to interact freely with … Read More

Ensure your IOT Device Embedded Software Development is Secure

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microprocessor; microcontroller

Article two in a series of two brought to you by Embedded AMS Vitally important required security on devices The five use cases that will be vitally important for security on devices now and in the near future are content protection, payment, image verification, user authentication, and electronic ID. Content protection One of the traditional use-cases driving security requirements on … Read More

6 tips for effective C++ documentation

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Software code documentation is not just about mentioning “I have a variable and it is named X”. Code documentation is about explaining what the code is mend to do and how it is to be used. In this article for each at least three questions will be stated that will help you to write better C++  documentation. The following code … Read More

5 habits for faster embedded software development.

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Having been involved in several embedded software projects over the past years, I have picked up a number of misconceptions that can slow down development, and even been guilty of some of these myself! In this article, I’ll be highlighting the tell-tale signs of those common mistakes, and giving a bit of insight on how you can avoid them. The … Read More