We give microcontrollers life by implementing high end algorithms and mathematics within the software we build. By structuring your design, you gain a superior, invaluable overview which allows for realistic planning and a scalable end-product. Our software and development strategies will give you an advantage over your rivals, no matter how competitive your market! A substantial product with high reliability requires the following:

Outstanding design

Highly effective & efficient implementation

Repeatable test capabilities

Embedded AMS specialises in providing you with the embedded software development skills imperative to getting your product functioning at an optimum level. Our four pillars consist of the following:


At Embedded AMS, we fully believe that through structuring your design, you get a superior overview of your product. Thus, allowing you the opportunity to put together realistic planning, resulting in a easily scalable product in future.
We specialise in creating designs that act as a foundation for you to effectively realize your vision. This is done by producing schematics of user and machine interactions, logical flow diagrams for state machines, and data structure designs.
We present this in a well-integrated package which is fully-comprehensible for all constituents in the Software Development Life Cycle.



Do you have a design you'd like to implement in embedded software? We can help!

At Embedded AMS, we have spent the better part of 5 years fabricating industrial and IoT applications. Through our collective experience, we have discovered that many different applications require the same materials.

For the purpose of creating fluidity in the development process of our product, we have bundled these mutual features in an expansive repository.


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In order to consistently create the highest quality code, locate potential bugs and achieve stable implementations, we often utilize an external, highly-dependable source to review our code.

Are you looking for an external audit of your system and code? Are you interested in knowing if any bugs or potential improvements have been disregarded?

Our extensive experience gives us the capability to do just that. This is achieved by maliciously sifting through all aspects of your design, ensuring you have not missed any significant details.




Testing software can be a tedious task, but it offers repose and solidity, especially when it comes to reassuring that what has been built, is functioning accurately.

When it comes to automated testing and giving the user the ability to repeat tests when desired, we've got you covered.

We build automated test setups for your hardware in the loop tests, thus supplying you with a substantial setup, which you can remotely program microcontrollers and direct tests automatically. If requested, we can even integrate with your continuous delivery server, allowing the tests to run autonomously upon every change in the source code.